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Upgrade Radeon HD 7470 to HD 7750 for windows 10, possible?

Question asked by kfgriffi on Oct 18, 2019

Current configuration is:

225-3268 1 OptiPlex 3010 Minitower Standard PSU
319-0734 1 3rd Gen Intel Core i5-3470 Processor (Quad Core, 6MB, 3.20GHz w/HD2500 Graphics), Dell OptiPlex 3010
370-ABEK 1 8GB Dual Channel DDR3 1600MHz (4GBx2)
331-1958 1 No Keyboard Selected, OptiPlex
320-3704 1 No Monitor Selected, Dell OptiPlex
321-0132 1 1GB AMD RADEON HD 7470, w/o Adapter,OptiPlex, FH
342-4949 1 1TB SATA 3Gb/s,OPTI 3010
619-ADLS 1 Windows 7 Professional English 64bit (Includes Windows 8 Pro license and media)
421-5334 1 Dell Client System Update (Updates latest Dell Recommended BIOS, Drivers, Firmware and Apps),OptiPlex
310-3553 1 No mouse selected on your OptiPlex system
331-1138 1 Dell 19 in 1 Media Card Reader, Optiplex
331-2464 1 Sata cable for optical disk drives, Dell OptiPlex
318-2236 1 8X DVD+/-RW,Slimline,Data Only, OptiPlex 3010
331-3051 1 Heat Sink, Performance, Dell OptiPlex
318-0319 1 Internal Speaker, OPtiplex
318-2348 1 OptiPlex 3010 Minitower Standard Power Supply
330-7422 1 Enable Low Power Mode for EUP Compliance,Dell OptiPlex
330-1711 1 Power Cord,125V,2M,C13,Dell OptiPlex
342-4955 1 1TB SATA 3.0Gb/sADD,OPTI 3010MT



I need to upgrade to Windows 10 64-bit and my current video card (i.e. Radeon HD 7470) is not compatible according to Windows when I tried to upgrade. I contacted Dell and they said that the Radeon HD 7750 would be compatible with my system so I bought it. However when I install it my computer screen is not recognized and I see nothing happening on the display.


My display is a 32 inch Magnavox flat screen TV with PC input using a DVI to RGB cable.


Any assistance you could provide would be greatly appreciated.


Thanks,  -Keith