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Ryzen 3600X only 3.6Ghz Base Clock

Question asked by korzychxp on Oct 17, 2019
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2019 by korzychxp

I don't know what to do with this. I have MSI B450 A-Pro and latest bios (24/09/2019) - abba. My CPU is working default only with 3600Mhz and with PBO enabled 3775Mhz (+150Mhz). I cleared CMOS many times and nothing helps. In games i have situation that one core have 3400Mhz, other 3600, and other 4300Mhz. Performance is poor.


I had earlier Ryzen 2600X and it would boost to 4050Mhz without PBO and 4175Mhz with PBO or something like this (over 4000Mhz).


At now with PBO + XFR + limits up to 200Mhz my cpu can't reach base clock.


When i use Ryzen Master for stress test my 3600X is achieving 4175-4200Mhz boost on all cores on 1.46V.