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mxGPU with s7150x2  failed on windows7

Question asked by chutianyin on Oct 17, 2019



I setup S7150x2 on Dell PowerEdge R730,Host OS is CentOS 7.6 (kvm+qemu+iommu+vfio+MxGPU-Virtualization)


I did a Windows 10 VM with OVMF+Q35+Tonga XTV GL [FirePro S7150V] and install the win10 driver, it's worked.
I did a Windows 2016 VM,it's also worked.


but,the Windos 7 64-bit VM,the driver installed complete and reboot the vm, I can see the MxGPU in DeviceManager and status is ok,
when I open AMD Settings ,I get a error "No AMD graphics driver is installed,or the AMD driver is not functioning properly.Pleease install the AMD driver appropriate for your AMD hardware"


I try seabios+i440FX,seabios+Q35,OVMF+i440FX,OVMF+Q35 with the windows7 vm

I try change Host OS to Ubuntu 18.04,Esxi 6.5

I try Different version driver with windows 7


I get the same error.

is anybody can help me?