My Monitor shows no signal on every boot and reboot

Discussion created by sifu442 on Oct 16, 2019
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Hello I need help, 

My pc spec is CPU: Ryzen 5 2400G

Motherboard: Asus Ex a320m Gaming

Ram: Ramsta 4*2gb 2666hz

M.2 SSD: Transcend 120GB

HDD: Segate 500gb

My PSU is 200W

The problem lies on the monitor, I have a acer e1600q which only has a VGA input. So I bought a converter. The converter works but if I shut down or restart the PC, the monitor shows 'No Signal' but the windows boots and have to unplug the cable to get the monitor working. Even I tested the converter on another laptop and it works fine. I have done bios resitting and reinstalling the drivers. But didn't work . If I disable the driver, the pc boots without any problem. But i reinstall the driver, the problem happens. Sorry for my bad English.