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Upgraded to a new RX5700XT and.... game now crashes at start.

Question asked by jl5086 on Oct 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by xmln

So with my RX 580 this game, Wolfenstein II: New Colossus, actually ran better than any other game I have.  It had great framerates and very smooth performance on that card, then I decided to "upgrade" and bought an RX5700 XT, now the game just crashes during or before the very first Bethesda logo.   Now I have already tried newest drivers, previous driver and really old drivers.   Also clean installs and using DDU tool, and re-installed the game a few times but every time it's the exact same crash and error log.   This really sucks that the one game which really didn't even need any additional performance from a newer card has basically been killed by this four hundred dollar upgrade, and you know I might be a little more understanding if this was one of my games which opens up with a log promoting Nvidia, but this game opens with the AMD/RYZEN logo!  I thought that would mean maybe this particular game was optimized to run smoothly on a AMD/RYZEN system like mine, but who knows.  I also at the same time upgraded my Ryzen 2400g to a 3600 at the same time as my GPU, although possible, I don't that should be causing any of this problem. It sure seems silly to have to swap back in my old GPU just to playThis is the HTML log it creates,  but the attached text file has much more information. a game.