motherborad (GA-A55M-DS2) update BIOS

Discussion created by sergejj180 on Oct 14, 2019
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motherborad (GA-A55M-DS2) update BIOS


Im using motherborad (GA-A55M-DS2), and want update BIOS


Im searsh on site AMD model his motherboard, for which finds some

model BIOS:


    GA-A55M-DS2 (rev 1.0)

    GA-A55M-DS2 (rev 1.1)

    GA-A55M-DS2 (rev 2.0)

    GA-A55M-DS2 (rev 2.1/2.2)

    GA-A55M-DS2 (rev 3.0)


In this regard, I had questions from how all these BIOS versions are compatible with each other ?


please help me deal with this


thanks in advance