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New Vega 56 System Freezing

Question asked by rskpz on Oct 14, 2019

Hello everybody,

(sorry for my english, if you don't understand something I'll try to explain it differently)


I bought that new Vega 56 Airboost recently and i'm experimenting some issues. I am kind of lost and my brain is overheating because of all the time I spent trying to fix the problem. It would be nice if you could help me.


So the problem is simple : my screen/system freeze, usually with a buzzing sound, only while playing games +/- 30-45minutes (I can't move the mouse or do anything) after running any kind of game, never while browsing or watching videos. I have to push the start button of my pc to shut it down and so restart it.


What I tried : -At least 6 different drivers, always unninstalling with DDU before trying to install an other one.


-Clean install of windows, keeping my files + Fully reinstalling windows with all the files erased.


-Tried the default drivers from Windows.


-Bought a new psu, I had a 650w and now it is 850w : it's a modular one , with 2 different pcie cables


- Launched memtest86 passing all the tests with no error founds.


- Checked on the "event observer " on Windows 10 to see if there is any error (the only one found is about kernel but I've read on a lot of posts that it is normal , it happens when I restart the system when pushing the button of my pc)


-Disabled any kind of economy of energy of all of my hardwares + disabled the " fast startup " option


-Running the system with 0 antivirus and even disabling windows defender just in case...


-Installing all the latest drivers even the Bios one


-Tried the stock wattman setup , the OC + undervolt with power saving set to +50% and at 0% too, the auto unvervolt and auto turbo mode.


-Disabled audio drivers, only kept one to have some sound


-Checked on CPU (i5 4590) and GPU Temperatures (that are normal)


-Tried the vega 64 Bios on the second port of the GPU


And I tried even more, I just wrote the facts that are not long to write.


Some more informations : -Before the AMD vega 56 Airboost, I was using a gtx 1050ti without any problem (I've DDU-ed all the N-vidia drivers)


-1 Day I could play more than 6 hours without the system freezing, I tought it was fixed, the day after it happened again...30-45min after running a game everytime.


If you can help me it would be much appreciated, like , a lot.