AMD Ryzen Master BSODs my PC after initial install and running program.

Discussion created by shaitan1977 on Oct 13, 2019
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I wasn't sure whether to put this here or Software.


I installed the AMD Ryzen Master program on advise from a game maker(Codemasters). The first install try it gave a weird error about something missing, but the second try it seemed to install ok. When I clicked to start the program, it kept BSOD'ing my pc over and over. I was able to get rid of it in safe mode(uninstall didn't work, so I just deleted it manually).


This is a picture of the BSOD: 

The code I got when I was able to get into safe mode: BSOD - 

My PC specs: PC info - 


Do you guys have any ideas? I know my Win 7 and it doesn't play well(the temps are off with all but the CoreTemp program I found). I wasn't planning to upgrade to Win10 until I have to.