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5700xt pulse, occurring frame drop when manually change fan speed.

Question asked by akirakani on Oct 13, 2019

Hi all


Recently I start using Sapphire Pulse 5700xt, and has changed driver a lot.

now I settled down with 19.10.1.


But every driver I've tried has the same problem.

even though I didn't touch any option except for fan curve, frame drop is always occurred.

It's odd. when I use it as default setting, it works perfectly.


Fan curve is only option I want to change, since the memory temperature reach extremely high(94 degree Celsius) during the 4K gaming. 

But it makes frame drop a lot. there is no change for the bench mark score.

this phenomenon is occurred only in the games like witcher 3, Bio hazard 2 RE, and all.


does anybody know how this problem could be fixed?