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Is my GPU dead or is it a driver/compatibility issue with Windows 10?

Question asked by aikidolawnninja on Oct 12, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2019 by elstaci

I built my system about 5 years ago. It was only a mid-range build even back then, but it still worked fine for every game I wanted to play until this past Thursday. When I booted it up, it went to a black screen instead of the Windows login screen.


After days of troubleshooting I've finally identified that the issue has something to do with my graphics card. When I boot in safe mode, disable the card, and reboot, Windows loads normally and I can use the computer. However, every attempt I've made to get the GPU up and running again, from completely uninstalling and reinstalling the device and drivers to trying multiple older versions of the drivers (in case the newest ones had a compatibility issue with the latest Windows updates) has resulted in the black screen of death every time the card is enabled.


This obviously sucks because I can't play any games with the basic Windows display driver. I was hoping someone here may have some insight into the problem or similar ones. The card is an MSI Radeon R7 370 4G. I tracked down several forum posts online regarding this issue, but they're all at least a year old and none managed to come up with a working fix.


All I can think is that the card itself is shot, or that since it's an old card, the latest round of updates cause "planned obselescence" to force people into upgrading. I'm rather pissed about it, since it worked just fine for every game I want to play and I have no need for anything more powerful. I definitely don't have the money to build a whole new system, and I'm now worried that even if I replace the GPU, it'll have the same problem even fresh from the box (if I can even get one that's compatible).


I would try to install the card in another machine, but I don't have another machine. Is there a way to see if my card is dead that doesn't involve installing it in a different PC?


Any words of wisdom or experience on this matter will be greatly appreciated!