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My screen micro freeze after instal graphic driver APU E1-7010 with AMD Radeon R2, Freeze screen after instal AMD Radeon R2

Question asked by bangdhe33 on Oct 10, 2019

Hello, i am just a noob. I bought a new AIO PC :
Acer AIO C20-220
Proc : AMD E1-7010 APU with Radeon R2 Graphic
OS : Windows 10 Pro
RAm : 8 GB

My PC get serious lag several weeks used. Then i found out that graphic driver wasnt installed. So, i downloaded the driver and instal. everything running very good but the screen keep on freezing every 2 seconds. Its working very good when i uninstal amd driver. I have try many kind of AMD software e.g. Crimson, adrenalid, forced etc. but i got same issue.
Then i tried to downgrade to windows 7 x64. Download driver and instal it, i got same issue.

I feel so desperate with this issue. Please give me some help.

Note : I have try to update driver automatically via Windows update, using Driver pack, using amd auto detect, i got same issue.

Anyway, thanks in advance.