Looking for quick tips - onboard graphics + discrete.

Discussion created by mindclosetolost on Oct 10, 2019

Hi, I've been actively trying to get my drivers right for almost 1 year now. Tonight I came to the conclusion that I've been fooling around way too much "driver-wise" with installs/uninstalls which made the computer even worse. 
Therefore I began a clean re-install of windows about 5 hours ago and Im currently at 22% so I figured that maybe someone has a good idea as to what I should do when It is finished


So this is basicly the computer: Specs HP Pavilion 550-012a AMD A8 A8-7600 8 GB DDR3-SDRAM 2000 GB HDD Black,White Desktop PC PCs/Workstations (M1P22AA) 



-The relevant part-
Processor: A8-7600 with onboard radeon R7 graphics adapter
Discrete graphics adapter: radeon R5 m330

As far as I know these are the options for updating/getting amd drivers:

1. Auto detect tool - amd.
2. HPs built in "update-driver-helper"
3. Getting the A8-7600 R7 driver manually. 

4. Windows update.

Now, what do you recommend me to do? None of these? all of them? a specific order? etc.
I might be over explaining, not quite sure, but if anyone "just knows" and care to tell me I'd be forever in thy debt.

Keep in mind, I never did read the "READ BEFORE POST" post but I hope I did an okay job with my problem-description. And if I didn't you're welcome to delete this thread.