5700 XT Showing Idle Core Speed and Temps During Gaming

Discussion created by completenewb on Oct 8, 2019
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So, I have been using my Sapphire Pulse RX 5700 XT card for about a month and started gaming on it for the first time about a week ago. I am new to PC gaming in general, but I wanted to get some stats on the card. Running Heaven on 1440p with ultra settings got solid framerates (anywhere from 90 to 180 fps). While playing Doom using Vulkan on 1440p with ultra settings, I was getting very high fps and the card was running at about 1920 MHz core speed and 875 MHz memory speed with max temps of about 70-76 C, which falls in line with other results.  Recently though while playing Doom on the same settings, the card only gets up to 400 to 800 MHz core speed and shows temps of about 50 C, which tells me that either the Radeon monitoring is off, that Doom on ultra settings is putting minimal stress on the GPU (which seems unlikely), or I might have an issue with my card. I have tried to verify results using MSI Afterburner, but the on screen display is not working for some reason. Below are my Radeon settings for Doom. Anyone have advice?


Power Limit: 50%

GPU Freq/Voltage: Auto

Speed/Temperature: Auto

Max Memory Freq: Auto

Anti-aliasing mode: enhance application settings

Anti-aliasing method: adaptive multisampling

Morphological Filtering: Off

Anisotropic filtering mode: Use application settings

Texture Filtering Quality: Performance

Surface Format Optimization: On

Wait for vertical refresh: Off unless application specifies

OpenGL Triple Buffering: Off

Shader Cache: AMD Optimized

Tessellation Mode: Use Application settings

Radeon FreeSync: AMD Optimized (I don't have a FreeSync monitor)

Display scaling: off

Radeon anti-lag: off


GPU scaling: Off

Radeon Image Sharpening: On