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Radeon VII not recognizing my second display anymore.

Question asked by llannihilatorll on Oct 9, 2019
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ANNIHILATORToday at 10:23 AM

Alright, I know there are a few examples of my problems in forums. However the solutions seems to not lead me to a fix. Plz anyone I cannot get my second display to detect by my Radeon VII. My primary display is BenQ XL2540 connected to a display port and my second display is an 55" Samsung 8000 series LCD HDR 4k TV using HDMI port. This has worked no problem until a few days ago. Trying to use virtual super resolution in game didn't seems to work and i was playing with resolution settings(In gpu).... I might have clicked on eyefinity and the screen flickered but then from that point forward the other dispaly didnt show up in settings on my computer. I didn't actually change anything with eyefinity, maybe just resolution in normal settings after clicking on eyefinity and the screen flickering. Updating display driver did not work, rolling back and re updating did not work. one person mentioned a bios update but the link they gave to do it doesnt work and i would like to be walked through something like that i have never done. If somone here thinks that it really my problem