low clock utilization rx570 in QuakeChampions, Win7

Discussion created by deepforest on Oct 8, 2019
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Win7sp1x64 - amd gpu driver 19.10.1

Win10x64 - amd gpu driver 19.10.1


In game QuakeChampions under Win10 gpu clock fully loaded at 100%(1244mhz) and game run smooth, but under Win7 gpu usage is 60-90%(700-1000mhz) and  game is sttutering.


Its Windows, game or driver issue?


-Monitor 60hz(NOT freesync)

-Xeon E3 1240

-rx570(19.10.1) 4gb

-16gb ram ddr3

-650w PSU


+50 power limit setting used in driver


gpu temp in QuakeChampions is 55c