RX570 8GB One of 3 monitor blink on Start-up

Discussion created by simonmurray on Oct 9, 2019

Last week I purchased a RX 570 8GB. I Have 3 Dell monitors. One on DVI, one on HDMI and one on Display port. The display port one, I put an adapter for DVI. It<s an active adapter. When I start the computer, or get out of sleep or reset the display for a reason or another, the one that is on Display port flash for about a minute.


The drivers are up to date, I have the latest as of last week, the card is brand new from newegg, The cable to. It<s a brand new installation of Win7 (No way I will go on 10) everything else work fine, Games, Videos, and what not. This is just that little twitch I would like to get fixed.


Anybody would happens to know anything about that?

Thank you!