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Problem with switching graphics cards.

Question asked by bboylubsko on Oct 7, 2019
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Hi, it will be a long post 

I have a HP Pavilion G6 1050ew laptop.


This laptop has two graphics cards:
1. Integrated Intel HD (Lower efficiency - energy saving).
2. AMD Radeon 6470m (Higher efficiency - more energy).


There is a problem with the driver installation.
The sp55025.exe file does not install the graphics driver for me, only the AMD Catalyst application itself.

Ok, I entered the folder:



And I saw that the driver files are, so I decided to install them manually by the device manager.
I clicked on the AMD card that has this hardware ID:
PCI \ VEN_1002 & DEV_6760 & REV_00 & SUBSYS_1669103C


I chose Radeon 6470m and clicked next.
Unfortunately, a picture appeared to my eyes:



The thing is, Wndows has correctly detected a driver for this hardware, but it is not compatible with my version of Windows. I have Windows 7 Home Premium SP1 x64.

If these drivers do not want to work for me, I downloaded the older version, number: sp53404.exe.

In this case, the driver detected and installed, unfortunately BSOD popped out after restarting the computer.



*** STOP: 0x00000116 (0xfffffa80065f54e0, 0xfffff88002cd42ac, 0x0000000000000000,


*** dxgkrnl.sys - Address 0xfffff8800513d3f0 base at 0xfffff880050e0000 DateStamp


BSOD applies to DirectX. I currently have version 11.0 installed on my system.

I was forced to enter safe windows mode and uninstall the graphics driver from the device manager.
After each uninstallation of drivers, I used DDU

I downloaded the latest driver from AMD.
Filename: whql-win8.1-win7-catalyst-15.7.1-oct30.exe.

The driver installs correctly, in the device manager the graphics card is detected as Radeon 7400m. This driver does not cause me BSOD.

There is a problem, the driver does not cause BSOD, but I also do not have the option to enable the Radeon card for games. Everything works on the integrated card. I don't have the option to switch graphics cards for better performance. In windows, the power options are set to "high performance".

This is what the Radeon 6470 - 7400 (?) Graphics card management panel looks like:




I don't have these options:


I scanned the ram memory with memtest - no errors.

The sfc / scannow command did not help.

Radeon 6470m card correctly detected by HWInfo program:



Here is a picture from CS: GO, which can be deduced that an integrated graphics card is running:



Please help.