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My Experience using the 5700 XT

Question asked by mr.zen on Oct 7, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 10, 2019 by taurea

Hi to everyone, I'm new to this forum and I wanted to share my bizzare experiance with Rx 5700 XT GPU.

This summer I finally got to building a new PC, it has been a few years; I'm coming from i7 3930k X79 platform/ Nvidia GTX 980; and I have decided to go all AMD.

Bought myself X570 Taichi, R5 3600X, and two weeks ago finally got the GPU (Sapphire RX 5700 XT Nitro+).

After the build was done it was time to test it, so I tried ME:Andromeda, Shadow of the tomb rider, AC:Odssey, Battlefield 1 and 5, Wow Classic and League of Legends. Funny enough LoL was crashing my GPU driver every few games (usually when I join the lobby or when the game starts),other problem was that GPU monitoring was broken on 75Hz(native refresh of my display) and would case massive stutter. I updated it to 19.9.2, set the refresh to 60Hz and problems were gone, its running really well. My collegue was in the market for new GPU, I recomended navi and he  ended up with Asus RX 5700 XT Strix OC (his every GPU in the last 6 years was Strix), and then the massive problems started to happen.

He was upgrading the GPU only (his specs are Asus Z370 TUF, intel i5 8600k and 16GB Giel 3000Mhz memory,Corsair TX650, he uses dual monitor setup and the TV is connected to intel IGP).

We decided the best way to go from Nvidia to AMD was clean windows install.Everything was ok for two hours, ran all the benchmars (3DMark,Heaven,Prime 95), all was fine but when you try to play WoW classic it hard freezes his PC, then it started to happen randomly while playing youtube videos or watching netflix. The issue persisted for a week, we tried everything possible, from swapping his PSU for mine (higher wattage), tried swapping the strix for nitro+, updated the MBO bios, swapped the memory,disconnected other displays,tried turning HW acceleration, free sync, VSR and enhanced sync off, tried all the drivers from 19.7.5 to 19.9.3 and all were causing the same issue, random hard lock frezze but when I put the strix in my PC it runs great, not a single fault. He is so frustrated that this morning he called the retailer to have it RMA and ordered 2070Super. My question would be what in the name of AMD is causing these issues? RX 5700 XT just dosent play well with Z370 chipset or intel CPU's? I am at a loss here, we both work in IT for over a decade and whatever we tried we couldn't get it to run stable. Is AMD aware of the driver problems? I'm pissed becouse it painted a very bitter picture for the new gpu's

He has 2 days till he must send the Navi back. 

Is there anything we can try or it will be a case of waiting till new year to get stable drivers, in which case he will already be back on Nvidia for good?


Thank you all for your help