Monitor out of range

Discussion created by akashinojutsu on Oct 6, 2019



So 2 days ago I got a RX Vega 56 and it's my first AMD Graphicscard I've ever got and I'm really happy with it so far but I got 1 little problem which I can't solve. So I play a lot of CSGO and I played it in 4 by 3 stretched with a resolution of 1920x1440 with my old Nvidia Graphicscard but now with the Vega 56 its not possible cause my monitor tells me that its out of range (Monitor resolution is 1920x1080) so I know it's out of range but why was it possible with the Nvidia card and now its not possible with the AMD card and is there a way to get around that cause now I have to play the game in 1440x1080 and this looks really bad compared to 1920x1440