RX 580 trying to update to 19.9.3 started giving error message on boot

Discussion created by gnightoak on Oct 6, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by blindpanic

Recently I used the Radeon settings menu to look for software updates. Was using 19.9.1 at the time and went to 19.9.2, seeing as it said .3 was optional. A day or two ago I figured I'd try to update to .3, just to try and stay up-to-date. Computer crashed giving me the THREAD_STUCK_IN_DRIVER error, computer restarts, and I start getting the attached image error window every time I launch up. I can use my computer just fine, however. I do not really know much about computers, and this PC was actually just built for me, but I am hoping I can get an explanation and possibly a fix for this error. (Came here because of the AMD and RadeonSettings.exe in the heading)