Ryze Master Hystogram Affecting Temps

Discussion created by sgtkalash on Oct 6, 2019
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Hello everyone, I'm just a humble PC owner, I just switched to AMD and a rough time with a gigabyte motherboard that wouldn't post after 5 days of working fine ( got RMA and now it's fixed).

I noticed yesterday while watching the Ryzen Master Hystogram that everytime I refreshed it I got like 5-10c lower. Now I turned it off and my temps on idle are 35-40c with stock cooling.

You might wanna give it a try if you want those low temps.


My build:

r9 3900x

gigabyte aorus x570 elite


samsung evo 970 plus 500gb

hyperx predator black 16gb 3200 (2 dimms)

1 tb hdd

be quiet PSU 700w