rx 5700 is unussable

Discussion created by meovyle on Oct 6, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by nanoshinonome

So i got myself a new PC and build it togheter.

But after having completed all updates/drives etc its still unusuable.

Blue screen after blue screen. 3 of them were about gpu driver broken/outdated that cant be fixed no matter how many times i reinstall it. Clearing windows also doesnt work.

Next some programms just go 100% cpu usage randomly and make my pc freeze.

Lastly i can't play some of my games. Borderlands 3 and Rainbow Six siege both cant be played after some minutes after launch. The fps jumps down to like 20 and back up to 120 and that all the time.

I will never consider Buying a AMD gpu anymore if i dont get a fix soon enough.


Model: MSI rx 5700 Mech