Need advice from users with R5 1600 + Asus x470-F

Discussion created by bakljas on Oct 5, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 6, 2019 by hardcoregames™

For some reason I can't post on Asus forums, it always gave me server error so I will ask here. There I got advice from one user who told me that best BIOS for 1st Ryzen gen is 4602 but on that forum I read from page 92 when bios 4602 was released that that bios has a lot of negative comments (unstable, higher temps 7 degree increase in load) but someone mentions that that bios fixed PBO and fan rpm (stuck to 0% or 100%).

What about BIOS 4804? There is not a lot of comments of that BIOS becasue 3 weeks later came BIOS 5007 (negative comments) but all comments I saw on 4804 seems positive, someone says that is the best BIOS since 4207. So is it safe to update to BIOS 4804 with R5 1600? That should be my final stand BIOS with Ryzen first gen...