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Need help: laptop w/ AMD Radeon 7970M experiencing BSOD when going into sleep mode + should I upgrade display to 19.9.2 drivers?

Question asked by wolf_22 on Oct 5, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2019 by kingfish

Hi, everyone. I'm trying to figure out why my Clevo P170EM i7 2.6GHz w/ 32GB of RAM laptop crashes with a BSOD when being put into sleep mode (either from closing the laptop lid or else by some power settings timeout threshold). My initial instinct is that it has something to do with my display drivers but I'm a little paranoid that it could be BIOS-related, too. But before I get into that, let me give you some system information that can be helpful in tracking this problem down:


System Type:

Clevo P170EM Laptop - Purchased back in either 2011 or 2012. CPU and GPU temps show normal readings as far as I can tell using the CPU-Z and GPU-Z apps (usually holding at around an average temp of 50-60 C).


Operating System Info:
Windows 7 Professional, Service Pack 1 (64-bit), all recently updated to the latest important updates.


Hardware Info:

  • i7-3720QM Processor @ 2.6GHz (8 CPUs).
  • 32GB RAM.
  • Intel HD Graphics 4000 (the standard adapter).
  • AMD Radeon HD 7970M (the discreet gaming adapter).

Software Info:

  • Current using the Crimson ReLive 17.6.2 drivers but it looks like the Radeon Settings show that the 19.9.2 drivers are available for installation. I haven't tried to install these yet for fear of making anything worse as traditionally, I've always had problems getting this video adapter to successfully install driver upgrades--it's always been a nightmare to deal with.
  • DirectX 11 / DxDiag 6.01.7601.
  • Minecraft consistently shows ~30FPS (more often, it's lower than this). The F3 overlay during gameplay shows me that it's using the discreet adapter.


Primary Problem:
The low frame rates in Minecraft aside, the laptop itself is consistently undergoing a BSOD crash when being placed into sleep mode (i.e. - when I close the laptop lid). Using the "BlueScreenView" app from NirSoft (, these crashes consistently indicate that both dxgmm1.sys and ntoskrnl.exe as being responsible for the crashes (meaning, it usually lists both files in the "pink highlighting" that BlueScreenView applies to entries that appear to be involved in the BSOD dumps).


>> I've attached my latest BSOD dump file to this post. <<

Any ideas what might be causing these BSODs or ways in which I can troubleshoot them? I'm a little scared of using Windows "Verifier" because I've never used it before and I've read how it can brick your computer but if I need to run it to figure out where the problem is, I will.


Any ideas or insights into this would be very appreciated. Besides these BSODs, I can't really complain about anything as this system has been great. I just hope it's a somewhat simple driver issue I can fix with an update.


If or when I upgrade my display drivers, should I use the AMD Radeon Settings interface to do so or is there a different approach I should take?