MLAA (Morphological Filtering) in Fake Fullscreen and Borderless Windowed Fullscreen

Discussion created by lowenz on Oct 5, 2019
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NVidia FXAA forcing via driver control panel works in fake non-exclusive fullscreen and borderless windowed fullscreen scenarios (example: Fallout 76)
AMD MLAA forcing via driver control panel (Catalyst Settings) only works in exclusive fullscreen, as clearly stated on AMD documentation.
And yes, it's the truth So it's impossibile to use this GOOD feature literally on every game today.


In future, can you enable MLAA in those scenarios (fake fullscreen and borderless windowed fullscreen)? 'Cause they represent the Windows10 era standard!


(yes, I know I can use ReShade+FXAA/SMAA but I love the choice between ReShade and an official alternative at driver-level)