Metro: 2033 Redux - R9 270 2GB Performance

Discussion created by assiduous on Oct 5, 2019
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I picked up Metro: 2033 Redux recently from the Epic Games Store. I was a bit concerned by what the reviews and benchmarks for Metro Redux had to say about the R9 270, for example: Metro: Redux Benchmarked: Graphics & CPU Performance - TechSpot


However, it appears the Metro in game benchmarks are not representative of in game frame rates. Gamers Nexus discusses this here: Metro: Exodus RTX Benchmarks, In-Game vs. Built-In Test, Dx11 vs Dx12 | GamersNexus - Gaming PC Builds & Hardware Benchm… My experiments with the in-game benchmark bundled with Metro 2033 Redux bear this out, showing uncommonly low frame rates and buggy behavior.


My system:

CPU: i5 3570k (stock)

RAM: 8GB DDR-3-1600

GPU: R9 270 (GCN 1) @ 900 MHz

VRAM: 2GB @ 1250MHz (5GHz effective) with custom GDDR5 memory timings (good for ~+5% fps)

Radeon Software Version 19.7.1 with max Tessellation set to 8x

Windows 7 SP1 64-bit



The good news is that my experience playing Metro 2033 Redux, with the graphics settings below is very acceptable. Frame rates stay in the mid 40s during the most demanding scenes encountered 5 hours in. I also have been making good use of Radeon Chill to cap the fps in less demanding situations.I've not encountered any frame spikes or stuttering.


Metro Exodus 2033 video quality settings


The verdict so far: The R9 270 is quite adequate to run Metro 2033 Redux with most of the eye candy on.