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5700 xt several annoying issues

Question asked by serglogin on Oct 3, 2019
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Can anyone please tell me: are these issues I faced with brand new sapphire 5700 xt pulse concern drivers or firmware or it's some kind of defective device?


CPU: I7-6950x

MB: Asus X99-A II (bios v2101)

3 x Displays connected as: 1x native DP, 1x DVI to DP with pass thru, 1x DVI to DP (converter with chip and it's shown as DP connection in AMD software) 


Issues (concern Windows 10 v1903, not games):

1) Once per 1-5 minutes mouse cursor freezes for about 300 ms

2) Keyboard issues, while I'm typing: sometimes it loses the keys, sometimes it multiplies them, like: a) wrd (instead of "word") b) woooooooooooooord

3) Video playback, both on youtube and in games: video card cannot recognize that video playback is some kind of GPU load and keeps staying on idling frequencies (6-98Mhz) while GPU is loaded at 100% and a lot of frames are dropped.

My old GTX 1080 was able to play 8k on youtube on 16% GPU load with no single frame dropped.


Remark: (1) and (2) do not concern games -- no mouse or keyboard issues in the games at all but (3) concerns games too.


Issues in games:

1) BattleField 5: Crashes at start-up with DX12 enabled in the settings (Eyefiniti is enabled)

2) Wolfenstain II: The new colossus rare issue: some textures are messy.


Any thoughts?