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I've got countless AMD installs on my PC. Which and how to discard the useless ones. And big problem after update.

Question asked by haku100 on Oct 3, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by haku100

My Drivers Updater indicates I need to update my AMD drivers (quite necessary, see attached screenshot 1). When checking after installing the one mentioned by the updater for my Radeon HD 7560D (build 25.20.15031.9002), I saw there were still countless previous installations (see screenshot 2). This can't be very healthy, surely. Question: how can I uninstall the ones that aren't necessary any more (which ones?) The AMD utility to cleanup the mess deletes everything! So, how can my computer continue to function if there are no graphic drivers left?


Please enlighten me. This is indeed a bizarre situation. With the question: why can't an AMD update clean up after it's installed instead of leaving all that old junk behind?


Other BIG problem. After "successfully" updating the graphic driver(s), I can't get my normal resolution mode of 1920x1080 back! Display resolutions remain stuck in impossible modes (see Screenshot 3). Worse: even if it's found on the computer, no way to launch the AMD Control Centre (see Screenshot 4) - and then an error message says there is no AMD software installed!!!! (See Screenshot 5) What is going on?


I'm desperate.