5700XT in Apex Legends

Discussion created by accmaker on Oct 5, 2019

My reference 5700xt working mostly only half of utilization. Then you entering lardge open spaces FPS goes down, also as GPU freq. In close spaces it jumps in performance and freq showing incriesed. I tryed to set custom min - max freq and its make no effect. With defoult its going from 700-1300 mhz, then I seting it to like min 1500 to 1800 max its showing abit more Utilization but not close what It supose to be. Also CPU (ryzen 2600) is on low utilization to 30-45%. Nothing is burning CPU do not exed 50C and gpu 70C max, also clean instal. in game setings make no difrent from lowest to highest setings.

In Doom utilization looks like normal, all smoth 200+ FPS on MAX 1080p.

On all other games higher graphical setings couse more recent crashes. It's more driver's or games not updated for new AMD toys ?

Any similar problems for other with APEX ?