GPU Not Recognizing Driver

Discussion created by hobfoote on Oct 3, 2019
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So, in short, I have an rx580 that my driver will not install to. Or will not recognize the driver. Not sure.


I was in the middle of a game a few nights ago (Guild Wars 1, not system intensive but in 4k, which my dual rx580's handle with ease) and my system BSOD'd and told me it was a VIDEO_TDR_FAILURE. I found what I could about it and proceeded to follow the fixes. They didn't work. Upon further investigation, I found that Windows (10) was showing an error Code 43 now. Googling revealed to me the most likely culprit was a bios flash gone wrong; I purchased this GPU "lightly used" on Ebay and, it would seem this card was most likely previously used for mining. In the two years of ownership, have never had any major issues with it, but I am unsure what would cause this to randomly become an issue. My flashes to attempt to restore it to a default bios were successful, but only to a point I suppose.


GPUZ gives all relevant info for the correct bios, but Pixel Fillrate, Texture Fillrate, and Bandwith all gray out to "Unknown". Memory Size reads 0mb, and the Driver Version, while populated, does not have Adrenalin 19.X.X as my other functional card does. (X's as I've attempted many driver versions, all return the same results). The "Sensors" tab in GPUZ also reads all values at max and exceeding, some values at over 100%.


The GPU Clock section also reads 0MHz. While this would make sense if the card is not running, it will "run" at low rez. Or it appears to, anyway. In device manager the card is shown, not the integrated graphics, so it's like it's half running?


My functional card will update to whichever driver I install, the nonfunctional never will. I have tried installation as the only card and have switched the order of the cards around both ways.


I am utterly perplexed. If anyone has any insight I would be most grateful.


Please let me know if I have left out any necessary info.