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Fresh install of 19.9.3 does not detect freesync display

Question asked by ramchyld on Oct 2, 2019
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Just bought an Acer Predator Helios 500 AMD Edition laptop. I wiped the system and installed my own copy of Windows 10 Pro instead of sticking with Acer's Windows 10 Home.


After installing Radeon Adrenaline 19.9.3, the display is not recognized as Freesync enabled. However, as soon as Internet connection is reestablished, Windows proceeded to download another older driver from 2018 and replaced the driver with it. After that, Freesync started working. However, I am concerned as Windows may have overwritten certain files with older versions. This also happened with 19.9.2, with the added issue of the system not being able to come out of standby properly (screen would show static and system would appear locked up until I reset the system).


Why isn't the Freesync display recognized from the get-go by AMD's driver? Shouldn't it be recognized out of the box?