Important General performance issues Stuttering 5700XT or others

Discussion created by aerin on Oct 2, 2019
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Yesterday I received with great enthusiasm the 5700XT Nitro + from Sapphire ... but this end is just sooner than expected I tell you and I explain the reasons:

It was installed and began my stuttering hell in any game and in any situation, sometimes when "bonnet" the fps under Freesync seems to be fixed.

I have to do practically 1 profile of configuration of limitation of fps for each game individually ... I see a very decent product but it burdens it immature drivers would say almost "Alpha" for much Beta and Certificate,

I have not stopped reading on Reddit and official forums of AMD the problems related to this card and are obviously embarrassing all negative ... at this point (Amd) they have no forgiveness or apology, the problems with Freesync, Stuttering should be corrected, BSOD ,,, and other that are not problems or isolated cases are practically global and I leave some examples: (Radeon RX 5700 XT 75HZ Refresh Rate Causing Issues) ... check_your (Issues with Freesync on RX 5700? Check your Registry!) ... 5700xt_on / (If you're having trouble with your RX 5700 (XT) on your 75Hz try this! (and maybe other refresh rates.) ) ... ng_issues / PowerColor 5700 XT stuttering and crashing issues. (Need help) ... h_5700_xt / (Clock speed drops with stuttering with 5700 xt)

And so a long etcetera this card is currently half done and I quote it textually as a current buyer, I do not care that the fans are offended, I am neutral, I am indifferent to place an Nvidia than an AMD, I come from a 1070 and in stability obviously this architecture (Pascal) is very polished and should not be compared (Navi) but is to place it back and say " SO YES NVIDIA".

It is not acceptable that an average user with little knowledge and I do not name myself, if not in general terms, have to go urging in the windows registry, calibrating the Hertz of your monitor with external programs, touching a thousand options to enjoy a product for which a certain money has been invested.

For future buyers, I recommend you wait, not to mention running, because currently you can not play anything without having a stuttering of the fault (but with noses ...) I invite you to buy it and tell me otherwise.

Currently I feel logically deceived and with an embarrassing experience, Not I find it helpful to wait months for a driver to correct these failures not minor if not serious in my opinion, since they ballast the gaming experience to exaggerated levels.

I practically feel cheated in a few words with a wad of € 470 per card with which I have been fighting for more than 24 hours to try to make it stable, I do not say that I cannot have a casual bug, in a given game or a more or less pronounced stuttering ... but unfortunately it is not so, by far Freesync for Tearing to sell me or Radeon Anti-Lag and various functions ..

Seriously if you are thinking about buying it or you can think of doing it unless you want to "testing level very high extreme" which is what AMD looks like right now in GPU / CPU Ryzen, a product to lose your patience and play with your money.

If you find a solution, tell me how to proceed but with the years of experience that I have been in the world of informatics, I had not been so surprised by such a poor product "it is a potato of biblical proportions" at least right now, when it is stable I can say what opposite without delay, but I am attached to what I have installed right now ... and this is a sovereign ... chestnut as I mentioned.

I'm outraged and frustrated because I don't know what to do right now ... wait? how many more months? since the launch .. I have a PC without being able to use it when it is dedicated to it by some AMD engineers who don't know how to deal with the problem other than "KNOWN ISSUES PENDING ..." in each of their driver release versions BETA ... is an unfinished product despite whoever weighs it and the consumer has run out of patience and mine has just begun ... to come:

It is not a failure of my card
Neither of my Windows installation which you formatted and is new, before I test with DDU I come from 1070 Nvidia
Neither of a driver in question nor a program in question
I have neither practiced OC, nor Undervolt nor touched Memories or anything similar or strange.

I did  everything  in options under the AMD Panel I have tochered options related to Hz Freesync my own monitor even, I have tried a dozen games, Gears 5, Battlefield V, COD, Pubg, Tarkov, Hunt, Vermintide 2, Mortal Kombat etc. In order that I do not come to spread lies, I come to tell you my personal experience the product may be perfect but if there is no decent driver that moves it for me and anyone should be a sovereign  ... it doesn't cost little graphics card...

Everything I found in Google has passed through my hands everything related to this card, because I have HOURS, this is inadmissible ... and it bothers me as a consumer to suffer for this ...

This card out of the box "OUT THE BOX" is not worth more than to navigate that or to make juggling with the Herzios and to be able to play "half a medium ... something" some games do more, others less but in general a ballast. It is not a product that you buy what you "put" and say "WUAAAU" is better than what I had, is it a product of saying "what did I do with my money? What did I do with my time?

Greetings to all and good luck to me and you with the 5700 Xtreme Chestnut, the pharmacies should thank AMD for the Lexatines that will be selling...