Asus ROG RX 5700 XT Strix OC crashing/Freezing

Discussion created by wnxdemonik on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 7, 2019 by dmcbride

Ok this is getting to be a joke a $800.00aud AMD Radeon GPU that I have just bought last week and it crashes and freezes everywhere, just updated to the new 19.9.3 drivers and i'm running in the PCI-e 3.0 and tried Apex Legends again and it completely locks my system among other issues and trying to click any other application also causes crashes, the Discord issue still not sorted, this is simply not good enough AMD you need to fix this issue, first time I have left team Green since my R9 290's build...this keeps up I won't be coming back and i'll be getting a return on my GPU. very disappointed customer rant over.....