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Amd rx 570 8gb VGA to DVI D issues

Question asked by maures on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by pokester

Hi, I am having a problem with the detection of the monitor to the board. I have an amd asrock phantom 570 of 8gb and a samsung syncmaster b2030 monitor. A while ago I was using a vga to hdmi connection but I felt that many things were lost. Therefore, yesterday i bought a converter from vga to dvi d 24+1 (Active one). The problem is that in the amd control panel it detects the screen as hdmi. I reinstalled drivers and it nothing changed.

Im trying to figured out what is happening, because im having issues with custom resolutions. Im trying to use 1280 x 960 and i cant.


Im using VGA to DVI D. So why it says hdmi?


Like you can see in the last picture, when i try to use 1280x960, the resolution dont scale really well. There are cuts to the sides and above.


I hope someone helps me, thanks!