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19.9.3  A Better Driver Overall .  Better Undervolting , Better clockspeeds , Positive So Far

Question asked by mainakcrixallis on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 1, 2019 by r3f3r1

Earlier i could hit a target 1950mhz (Target Clock ) and in game clocks were 1830-1845 with power consumption of 155-165w with 1.075 v .  now with this new one . i can go atleast 2ghz with in game clocks between 1938-1950 Power draw of 165-170w  . Really wow . with 1.075 v .   Guys tryout and post results below



I get better 1% lows .  Game tested Was ATLAS and ARK . worlds 2 most broken games ..


Thank you guys  , keep up the good work .  ill update if i get any bluescreens xD