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How can I stop my PC freezes getting worse?

Question asked by petesdragon on Oct 1, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 3, 2019 by elstaci

I am having issues with my PC freezing - At first it was randomly when under high stress, now it is freezing at the bios screen of startup.

I bought the platform (RAM, CPU & Mobo) from a friend and added a 1050Ti and the rest you can see here.

When the PC was under high-ish stress (Cities Skylines, Chrome and Spotify) it would ocasionally freeze, with no movement on the screen and no sound. Once the system had frozen there would be no error logs or events, and the only solution would be to reboot the PC. I initially thought it was the CPU temperature getting high so I bought the H60.

The problem persisted, so I recently tried reinstalling graphics card drivers, which would occasionlly cause a freeze again, when running no other programs.

I then thought I'd look at the Mobo. The guy who owned it before me was into overclocking so maybe he'd left some settings higher than they ought to. I have resetted the mobo several times, and checked that all settings are default, but the problem persists still. I then booted the PC normally and a bluescreen crash had occured. Whilst rebuilding the image, the PC froze again, leaving me in a state of no usable PC.

I have tried different Graphics cards and the issue persists.

The only persistent freeze I can cause is by entering the GPU.DIMM Post menu. The menu freezes as soon as the GPU and RAM appears.

I then attempted to update the BIOS firmware (to 1703). After this upgrade the PC now freezes on the BIOS screen ('Press Del to enter BIOS' screen) whether I press Del or not.

Any help is appreciated. I'm at a loss here, and when I was creating the PCPart list for this post I saw that my CPU and Mobo are incompatible with each other but I cannot find anything to back this up.

At the moment I'm considering packing it all in and going intel.