Should I wait for Renoir APUs?

Discussion created by dan1991ro on Sep 30, 2019
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Hello everyone

   I have a very old computer (Intel core2duo6500,2gb of ram,and geforce405) and i am thinking about an upgrade.I don't use it for games but even Google drive or Facebook struggles,plus i have windows 10 which eats my ram.

   I wanted to ask you guys if you think i should wait for the renoir apus or to get one that is already out.My choices are between 2400g or 3200g and 8gb 3000 ddr 4.I haven't played a new game since 2006 so either one has great graphics for me,but i want to get one mainly for office purposes and Multitasking-especially this.Maybe some light audio and video processing because i wanted to learn about it,but thats about it.As for gaming i will play some,it would be a plus if renoir apus would be much better than 3000's but its a plus only.

   Do you think the increase in performance going from 12 nm to 7nm is worth the wait?Will the speed of the processor be significantly greater or the graphics?(There was talk of Navi graphics for example).And when do you think they will come out?

   Also which is better for my purposes 3200g or 2400g?-they are about the same price where i live.

   Thank you.