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5700XT can't use 90hz mode under windows mixed reality

Question asked by robertchenca on Sep 30, 2019

Hi all,

just got my new 5700XT this afternoon, been tested with several games with no problem, the temp and clocks are no problem.



Windows10 1903

MB: MSI X470 gaming pro


Ram: corsair vengeance LPX 16G 3000 cl15 running at 3000 c14

Video card: sapphire 5700XT nitro+

Driver: 19.9.3

didn't turn on features such as freesync or RIS


However, just realized that it is not working with WMR, after testes few times I realized it only works under 60hz mode, when switch to 90hz it blacked out, switch back to 60hz it goes back right away. but there is no system crash or blue screen or error message at all.


I'm assuming the problem is related to the "sync" issue under high fps?

kind like somebody has problem under 75hz mode, hopefully the driver team can really solve that soon.