Virtualisation BSOD after ABBA bios

Discussion created by krakien on Sep 29, 2019

Since the Asus Ryzen ABBA bios update on my B350 (Ryzen 3600), no overclock, I been having BSOD Service Exception Error, IRQL, and all kinds of driver error. This stems from Virtualisation need for my Android Emulators like Nox and LDPlayer. Have read through entire forums, Reddit, etc. The BSOD is random but is triggered when an emulator is trying to write to memory and gets stuck or a random error. When the ABBA Ryzen bios were in beta, I tested it and went back to ABB due to the above, Now Asus released official ABBA and I installed it and the BSOD came back. at this stage, I don't know what to do before I go back to the slow ABB bios. NB, I have tried all options including SFC scans, check disk, etc. No am using my emulators without VT, which is not ideal.


I have currently enabled VT again and disabled IOMMU hoping this solves my issue. will see this week if it becomes resolved.


Update: I discovered the great Reliability Monitor tool in windows that few of us know and it definitely showed what happened and who caused the problem. Turned out it was a hardware error caused by a certain USB3 Hardware and guess what, only a Bluetooth Dongle was on USB3 port. So the long story short, the Bios is the latest 5220 and I havent had a blue screen since removing that Bluetooth.


I will monitor for now. It just makes me think how can a blue tooth issue affect memory so much. Unless the Bluetooth was constantly sending interrupt messages to the CPU and clogging up memory addresses. Microsoft shoudl really isolate interrupt errors from the system memories page files.