Experiencing Instability with my 5700 XT

Discussion created by enderston on Sep 30, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2019 by pokester

Hello everyone, I apologize in advance for my English, I use a translator. I have a 5700xt from asus graphics card. I was already tired of suffering with it, a few minutes after turning on the computer, the video driver turned off. I saw that on the form there are similar problems associated with the hertz of monitors, but I have this problem at any frequency. For a month now, I have been tormented with it, I can’t use the computer normally, I waited, I thought they would update the driver, but nothing helps. I sent the video card to the service center of the store, they said that everything is fine, but the problem remains on my computer (which I collected in the same store) the problem remains. Can I somehow refund the money for this video card? Is this a warranty case, and maybe there are some tips on my problem. Also frequent blue screen. Thanks in advance to all

My PC:

ryzen 3700x

5700xt asus

patriot viper 2666

700W Thermaltake Smart RGB

240Gb SSD Western Digital Green