Amd Radeon HD 7990 issues

Discussion created by dilldoh on Sep 29, 2019

   Hi so ive had my graphics card for a few years now. id like to start by saying that the issue i want resolved is my card not properly running crossfire mode. now i have a few statements to start off that might seem odd. one. is that it was working before. however the most notable time in which i remember it working is when playing rainbow six siege. now this was when siege was still fresh on the market. AND they have never supported crossfire. yet i still was capable of using the vram of both gpu's so my question is "how was this originally even possible" and second. why does it not want to work now?!?. anyways other than that id like to get it working again. i believe at the time i was using windows 7 and obviously a much older driver. HOWEVER i have also changed motherboards to a z97 Pro Gamer board and it does indeed support up to 4x crossfire. so thats not the issue. nor is it the card itself being faulty by any means. the gpu still registers as opperational. its just not opperating. so back to my other questions how can i get this working again so i can get all of my vram usage again? thanks in advance. P.S. (i have disable ULPS and ensured that crossfire settings are enabled. i seen a post about disabling csm but havnt tested that yet however. also i have not reverted to any older drivers since im now on windows 10)