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RX 5700 XT with Adrenaline 19.9.2 BSOD

Question asked by spacebar on Sep 29, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2019 by spacebar

Help the BSOD's are very annoying usually if I play videos( Youtube and etc) the BSOD will appear notably "Video_tdr_Failure(atikmpag.sys)" and "Kernel_Security_Check_Failure.Error".


PC Specs:

Ryzen 5 3600

B450 Tomahawk Max
Msi 5700 xt Mech

Windows 10 pro


Tried doing some trouble shooting but none of them worked
List of Troubleshoot:
Rollback 19.8.1 and 19.9.1 still gives me BSOD's
Rollback 19.7.5 gives no display but the cursor is visible
tried using 3rd party driver installer (Downloads 5700 xt 50th anniversary) and the it lags the system