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Is portrait mode supported in Eyefinity Adrenalin 2019 19.9.2?

Question asked by ghethco on Sep 28, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 5, 2020 by t29sinking

I have a 5 monitor DisplayPort configuration, all in portrait.  The older version of Eyefinity worked fine, I was able to configure portrait mode in the Display Group.  I am running Windows 10, just updated to version 1903.  My Eyefinity settings were totally forgotten.  No surprise there, this always seems to happen with any Windows update.  Why???


Tried to go into Eyefinity settings, could not restore the portrait config.  So, also updated to Adrenaline 2019 19.9.2 (latest) in case there was some incompatibility between new Windows and old drivers.  Still couldn't restore the portrait config, no interface to set portrait mode in Eyefinity.


From the *extensive* reading and searching I've done, I gather that you are now supposed to use the Windows "Displays" settings to extend the desktop and set the portrait orientation.  This works, I can set all five monitors to "extend" -> "portrait".  But, when I go back into Eyefinity, it reverts to landscape mode and stays there.  It doesn't honor the windows settings to portrait, and provides no interface to change to portrait.  So, it appears that I can't use Eyefinity any more for this system.


I spent the better part of a morning even getting this far!  Not a happy camper at this point.  Eyefinity is *the reason* I chose AMD graphics.  If this isn't resolved, I will think twice next time on the AMD vs Nvidia decision.