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New Build: Ryzen 7 3800x/ MSi X570 board/ GTX 1070 ti/ 16GB ram/ 700 W powersupply

Question asked by mushuthegreatstonedragon on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by jamesx380fx

Hey everyone.


TLDR: The debug LED is on and I don't know why. Checked the pins and power requirements and nothing was amiss. socket and MB look fine, so IDK whats up.


The long version


So after my potato that I built 5 years ago finally bit the dust I decided it was time to do a ryzen build. Below are the specs.


MB: MSI Gaming Edge Wifi X570 chipset

CPU: Ryzen 7 3800x


Video Card: Nvidia 1070 Ti

Memory: 512 gb Samsung 970 SSD

PSU: 700 W


The problem: 


I had several parts delivered over a multiday period (i.e. the MB and CPU arrived before the SSD). So I got started and did a fitup build outside of the case with just the MB, CPU, Ram, and PSU. I was able to get everything together just fine and I went to power everything up and fans/lights powered up but I got no Post Beep, which was disconcerting.


The next day I got everything inside the case and went to hookup the Video card to the PSU and... whoops I did't have the right cable. So I tried booting up with the card in but not hooked up to the PSU and had my monitor connected to the MB HDMI output so I could at least do some work in the BIOS; again things "powered up" like the fans spun up and the LED lit up but this time I got no video feed.


Fast-forward another day and now I finally have all the pieces to the build. I've got everything in there, the proper cable for the video card, the ssd, memory, everything. And I got a similar result, powered up fans started running, lights lit up, but no jazz on the the video feed. I did notice four things however:

  1. The EZ Debug LED on the MB for the CPU came on when it hadn't been on before
  2. The CPU fans weren't really "on" the were just kind of pulsing, so maybe it needs more power.
  3. I could turn on the computer using the power button, but could not turn the computer off without turning off the power supply itself.
  4. The power cable I had for the CPU was a standard 6 pin one, but there was another 4 pin header on the MB. Apparently it is for overclocking, which made sense. But do I need it to simply boot things up?