AMD relive USB microphone issues with ASUS ROG Crosshair VI Audio driver.

Discussion created by alexsplanet on Sep 26, 2019



I have the following issue with AMD Relive. I installed official audio driver for my ASUS Rog crosshair VI motherboard. I use USB microphone for recording. While there were no audio driver, recording of microphone works, but with some small issues like stuttering. But now when I try to record it looks like microphone sound is recorded with speed up. For example video record time is 10 seconds, microphone sound is only for 1 second. AMD relive just speed up microphone. When I record as a separate track everything works fine. I use Radeon VII video card and latest driver 19.9.2.


I attached an example of video, so that you can see how it sounds.


It seems this is a bug.


Also I attached a screenshot. Look at the speed of audio stream. It is quite strange. It is 37 kbit/s only, but it must be 320 kbit/s, I choose in AMD Relive.