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Should I go for 2600 or 3400G

Question asked by raphaelr on Sep 26, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 30, 2019 by hardcoregames™

I'm planning to upgrade my old Athlon X4 system and wanted to know whether I should go for 2600 or 3400G. It's a work computer so there is no gaming involved but I do have a triple monitor setup. Should I go for 3400G with its Vega graphics or should I go for 2600 with 6 core. Would 2600 support a triple monitor setup?


Other components

Gigabyte B450M Gaming motherboard (It has 3 monitor outputs)


Cooler Master Thunder 450w PSU

and an older Radeon GPU  (Will get rid of this if I go for 3400G)