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A6-7480 Lack of drivers for Windows 8.1 / no support for dual graphics / ANY other graphics add in!

Question asked by novaton on Sep 25, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2019 by elstaci

I recently bought the A6-7480 and i am extremely dissapointed with it. and i cant return it to the seller.


I am quite mad with AMD and i hope they DO something about this!  

1.- a6-7480 doesnt have ANY official drivers listed, in fact, the cpu doesnt even show in the whole amd official page

2.- it doesnt have drivers for Windows 8.1, but does for 7 (useless by now.. and the cpu was released this year) and Windows 10

3.- it doesnt support DUAL graphics but not only that

4.- if you plug in a discrete GPU you get the error message in Windows "insufficient free resources" so you cant have a discrete gpu + the integrated graphics working... there goes my triple monitor setup... : /

5.- i had a hard time getting it to run properly, windows 10, fresh installation default drivers BSOD 

6.- so i had to disconnect from internet (after reinstalling..) and download the drivers for the a8-7860 and it worked.


I tought this being the last gen of A series for FM+ would be nicely done, but it is a disgrace AMD !


I hope you give us proper driver support AND enable the GPU to workside another discrete gpu (amd or nvidia) like i have in my other computers (a10-7870k, a4-5300) it works perfect there.   I tried using an r7 240, r7 250, nvidia gt520, 650. nothing works! both gpus show in windows but for the A6 "not sufficient resources available" !  and it doesnt work.


**** UPDATE *** also, i cant install linux! video doesnt work.... i get  black screen when trying to install it.  i tried installing ubuntu with the r7 240, then fully update ubuntu, linux kernel 5 and after i remove the r7 240 and try to run it with the integrated video card i get a grey screen...

So it only works with Windows 10... with BSOD until you manage to install the drivers (as mentioned ^^) , no dual graphics, and no dual gpus.   This is a major Rip off !         : /


Stay away from the A6-7480 fm2+ Apu guys!