Prorender 2.7 doesn't work in Maya 2019.2 and 2018.6

Discussion created by windwe2 on Sep 25, 2019
Latest reply on Oct 14, 2019 by david_s

System: Win10

Software: MAYA 2019.2 and 2018.6

Prorender version: 2.7

Video Card: RX 590

CPU: AMD 2700X


When I want to active it in the plug-in manager of MAYA 2019.2 and 2018.6, the MAYA just stop and have no response to any click. I have to end the mission of MAYA after I wait a long time. After I uninstall the 2.7 plug-in, MAYA become OK to use again.  Why 2.7 cause the MAYA to stop and have no responce?