5700XT problems with 1080 resolution and Radeon Chill

Discussion created by sirius2145 on Sep 25, 2019

Motherboard: Crosshair VI Hero

CPU: Ryzn 5 2600X

DRAM: 2 x HyperX Furry 8 gb 3400 CL14


GPU: Red Devil 5700 XT.


Problem 1:


Battlefield V can not switch to FullHD resolution. After switching I see the game only on part of screen another part of screen remains black. Going from full size to window resolve problem. 


After switching to 1440p everything fine


Problem 2:


Forza Horizont 4. Low FPS at 1080p (limited to 41 FPS, limited temperature using etc.) seems like Radeon Chill problem.


After switching to 1440p everything fine.


Problem 3:


Wolfenstein New Blood.


Image is too pixeleted, low FPS.


I guess same as previously problem with 1080p and Radeon Chill.




Uninstalling with DDU ,doesnt helps. 

Clean WIndows 1903 install.