Ryzen 3600 Support

Discussion created by vstockwell on Sep 24, 2019

amdmatt I've been on here reading since I've started my AMD RMA Service Request:8200904113. I've been building my own PC's since the K6-2-550. In the last 2 years I've purchased at least 4 AMD CPU's for myself or my step son. An A10-7890k, A12-9800, a Ryzen 2200G, A Ryzen 1600, and 2x Ryzen 3600's on launch day (one for each of us). 3 Video cards, an x580, a Vega 56, and I just upgraded to an RX 5700. Never once have I had an AMD CPU quit working after 2 weeks of use. I've tried this CPU in an X370, X470, and it was currently in a b450m msi board. However I work from home as a DevOps Engineer for an AWS Premier Company if I wouldn't of had my old Ryzen 1600 I wouldn't be working right now.


I need this RMA sorted one way or the other. If it's not approved I guess the jokes on me and I'll be switching to Team Blue after what 21 years of being a loyal AMD user?